Columbia 29 2

Columbia 29 MkII Designer Notes
Com there was also a 28-2. The Columbia 29 was successful enough for the company to form Columbia Yachts Corporation and adopt the. COLUMBIA 29-2: March 11, 2011 12:49 am : Bookmark / Share the post: Boat: COLUMBIA 29-2. A total of 383 MkII hulls were produced between 1967 and 1969. Displacement MkII: 8,400 lbs. For more information on Zillow advertising practices, see Zillow’s Terms of Use & Privacy. Most of the tabbing was glassed over marine ply which becomes saturated over time

Vaseux Lake, 1909
She is just simply a wonderful design and sails beautifully. I am the proud third owner of hull #37, built in 1962. She continues to cruise the Channel Islands in California as she has for 53 years. Of ballast as she was originally designed. She even came with a letter from Olin Stephens to the original owner discussing her righting moment and metacentric height. She was not built to carry an inboard engine and has the 3120 lbs.
29' ColumbiaC-29
Route 29 in Maryland. No highway designation for the route between White Oak and Columbia.
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